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Introduction to Traders-Paradise, who are we? Welcome to a whole new destination of advanced automated algorithmic trading empowered by Real Time analysis of Forex Markets, CFDs and crypto currencies. We at Traders-Paradise, after years of research and careful analysis, have come up with a fully automated live market scanning bot analyst system which provides ample trading opportunities for all markets. How does our system Work? Our elegant and light weight yet advanced monitoring and scanning system bot, uses a set of parameters which are elementary for real time market analysis and used by the top traders and investors world-wide. Our automation is built in around these simple yet highly powerful asset parameters which determine perfect trading opportunities for you to trade with ease and confidence. Support / Resistance Levels: Our system determines multiple support resistance levels at various timeframes of the forex market. The system tags in scoring opportunities based on distances from these key levels of entry and exit for the trades. Calculated Weights: Using Advanced Neural Network and Machine Learning algorithms, our system determines optimal weight values for various time frames. This data is an indicator for the best opportunities possible in the FX market. Trading Volume: Our automated platform takes a calculated cognizance of the trading orders, volume of buyers and sellers in the market at any given point of time. The trading volume track is integrated to our intelligent scanning algorithm for the best results. Niche: Traders Paradise bot also analyses the asset’s strength and compares the same with other similar assets in the market to get a fair picture about the performance. Market Outlook: The system provides a sniper analysis of the market outlook whether its bullish or bearish with respect to the sentiments of an underlying asset. Based on the outlook, it decides to provide a good opportunity of entry for trades. Chose your Plans & Pricing: Our highly acclaimed automated scanning bot, is available in 3 different flavours for everyone’s choice: Free Edition: The free version of our scanning bot provides access to our live trading opportunity scanner. The real time algo analyst provides the latest data and the trading opportunities in the market. The opportunities vault, algo trader, daily analysis, live charts and data are available in the paid versions of our Scanner bot. Vault Edition: The vault edition is the highly recommended flagship product by our team at Traders Paradise. Apart from the live trading opportunity scanner, the daily opportunities vault provides a track of last 24 hours of live trading opportunities from the markets which are captured by our scanner bot. The vault edition is priced at very affordable rate. Premium Edition: The highly power packed offering from Traders Paradise is the premium edition of our algo scanner bot. Along with all the features of free and vault editions we have incorporated personal algo trader which provides an optimal strategy for entry and exit for every asset and in-depth analysis of data and opportunities. Live trade charts, asset charts as well as live follow-ups and updates to existing opportunities or trades are also made available in our premium edition offering. The premium edition is again priced at very minimal rate. Traders Paradise Magazine and Blog Do visit our Blog and Magazine page at Traders Paradise and keep yourself informed about top market updates, news and latest happenings around forex, crypto and financial space around the world. Get a copy of our Free Trading Strategies guides in PDF format exclusively from the Magazine section as well. For more information do visit the link So, come and be a part of the exciting journey of forex, CFDs and asset trading Do boost your winning edge using our algorithmic bot at

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Agro-100 is a company specializing in the research, manufacture and marketing of high-tech agricultural inputs that enhance the use of on residual fertilizing materials. For Agro-100, environmental sustainability requires finding innovative ways and using products that reduce our carbon footprint in order to preserve and pass on to future generations a fertile, healthy and diverse environment. Agro-100 recycles and reuses fertilizing residual materials (FRM) in a way that is advantageous for the agricultural sector.